Bird Photography

Our interest in Bird Photography began shortly after we moved to South Carolina. One day while working in our yard we had an interesting bird come to visit. It was very colorful and we had not seen one like it before. Doing some research, we learned that it was a Male Painted Bunting. It very distinctly has all of the colors of the rainbow and is described in french as nonpareil, meaning “without equal”. Since that time, we have been learning and working on capturing great images of birds of all types

Painted Bunting Bird on Wood

From that point forward we started watching birds more and capturing images of them that we hope are unique. We also look to capture images of birds wherever we travel including places like the Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru.

The gallery bellow is but a small sampling of our bird images. Note that in general, we only include a single of instance of a particular bird we have photographed. However, we have thousands of images and if you are interested in seeing additional images of a particular bird, please click on the button below and request.

For most most of our bird photography images, we capture them using long telephoto lenses (e.g. 800mm). Teleconverters are also often part of our set-up to increase the lens focal length. Tripods and monopods are used to help keep our cameras steady when using very long lenses. In some rare occurrences, we also set up a remote control on our camera so that we can get close up images of very shy birds.

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