Dress Up Your Walls With Custom Fine Art Photography!

Working with our clients to capture and display unique Custom Fine Art Photography images on their walls specializing in landscapes, wildlife and other images from Hilton Head Island, the low country of South Carolina, and beyond.

A Woman Hanging a fine art picture on a wall

Do you have a wall that needs some Custom Fine art Photography?

Do you have an interesting photographY idea but can’t find what you want anywhere?

Are you looking for a special Fine art photograph to match your decor?

Do you have a wall that needs a new look?

The Process is Easy

At 3b Photography, we specialize in providing custom fine art photography. While we have a large selection of existing photographic images that you are welcome to choose from, we thrive on creating new “one of a kind” images for our clients.

Our process for accomplishing this is simple. We first meet with you and take a look at the space you are looking to fill. During that meeting, we are discuss what type of images you are looking to put in the space. If there are ones in our existing galleries of images that you like, that’s great. If not, then we will discuss a plan for us to go out and capture the images that meet your desires.

During the meeting, we will take a picture of the space you are looking to fill along with a reference item to be used to establish the proper scale of the picture (e.g. letter size piece of paper). Using that photograph we can then show you, on a tablet or computer, what each photograph would actually look like on your wall. We can easily change picture size and add mats/frames to change the look, and show you how they would look on your wall before we order final artwork. This ensures that the fine art image you select will look great on your wall.

What if we can’t meet?

If for some reason we can not meet directly, we can work with you over the phone and by email to to come up with a design. Easy instructions for taking the right format of picture of the wall you wish to fill is all that we need to get started.

Custom Fine Art Photography Selection process – Case Study

Ten black and white pictures in frames with mats displayed in two rows of 5 pictures in each row.
Original Concept

Original Concept

A new client contacted us via email with a concept to hang a series of pictures on a blank wall in their dining room. Their initial idea is depicted by this image. Their thoughts were that there would be ten images, hung in two rows, all in black and white, square sized, framed and matted. They wanted the subject of the pictures to be scenes of things they loved about Hilton Head Island and the low country.

Blank Wall

During the initial telephone conversation with the client, we discussed the concept they had in mind and talked about how to start the process. We communicated that the first step was to get a picture of their existing wall that we could use to show various artwork arrangements. So, to do this, we had the client tape a letter size sheet of paper to the wall, then stand back as far as possible and take a mobile phone picture of the wall, straight on. The piece of paper serves as an reference item of known dimension which allows us to accurately scale the picture and provide for true size representations of our custom fine art photography.

Picture of a dining room table with a blank wall behind it.
Client Blank Wall (with paper reference item)
Dining room with two rows of 5 black and white fine art photography images on wall
Base Concept Option
Dining room with two rows of 5 color fine art photography images on wall
Alternate – Color Images vs Black and White
Dining room with a single row of 5 color fine art photogrpahy images  on wall with offset mats.
Alternate – Offset Mats

Bouncing around Alternates

The next step consisted of bouncing around a few different alternatives and ideas. To do this we, using the wall picture from the previous step, and a computer/tablet, we looked at over 20 different arrangements. A few of these alternatives are shown here. Note that the first alternative matches their original concept image.

During this phase, we consider things such as:

  • Number of Pictures
  • Shape of Pictures (in this case square or rectangular)
  • Picture Orientation of Rectangular Pictures (landscape or portrait)
  • Framed or Unframed (including color of frames)
  • Matted or Unmatted (including mat colors)
  • Printing Media (paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, glass, etc.)
  • Different Arrangements (number of rows of pictures, collage type arrangements, mix and match sizes etc.)
  • Color Versus Black and White
  • Wall Positioning (e.g. centered over table versus centered over wall)
  • Alternate Matting Formats (e.g.offset,oval, round, double versus single mats, etc.)
  • Other Ideas!

This part of the process is very interactive and we consider all kinds of ideas around. However, it is the client that makes the final decision on what they like best. During this phase we do not always concentrate on the actual images to include in the final arrangement. In this case all of the images that are in the layouts were randomly selected from our image galleries.

Final Custom Fine Art PHOTOGRAPHY Selection

In this situation the final layout selection was almost a complete change from the original concept. This final layout selection is shown here. A single row of pictures instead of two. Color images instead of black and white. Centered on wall instead of centered on table.

The final selection phase also includes the selection of the actual images to be in the pictures. True to the clients original wishes, the images are of things they like about Hilton Head Island. They include form left to right:

  • A Scenic Marsh View
  • A Recently Hatched Sea Turtle Racing to the Ocean
  • The Iconic Harbour Town Golf Links 18th Hole and Lighthouse
  • A Scenic Beach/Ocean View
  • An American Alligator

Four of those images came from our extensive image galleries. The 5th image was a custom captured image based on the client’s idea of what they wanted. We did not have an image in our library that they like for this, so we went out with our camera and captured some new images for them to choose from.

Dining room with a single row of five  custom fine art photography color pictures on wall
Final Selection
A finished installation of five picice of custom fine art photography displayed on a dining room wall.
Client Furnished Image of Final Install

Final Delivery and Installation

After all of the final selections are made, we work with professional photo labs, framers and other suppliers to provide finished custom fine art photography for your walls. We have long relationships with these suppliers and their quality is outstanding. In this case, we ordered their selections and had them delivered within a couple of weeks of ordering. Being a remote client, they took delivery of the pictures and installed on their walls on their own. This image was sent to us to show the final install. Note the images are in a different order then shown above but are the exact images requested. Client’s overall happiness with the results is indicated in the testimonials elsewhere on this page.

image Galleries

Capturing unique Custom Fine art PhotogrpahY to Share with the World

Please feel free to visit each of our image galleries below for samples of our work. These are but a small sampling of our image libraries. We will be constantly adding images to these galleries over time.

A Coming Soon Sign by a Bowl of Popcorn


A Coming Soon Sign by a Bowl of Popcorn

Other interesting Photos

A Coming Soon Sign by a Bowl of Popcorn

Recent Additions

About our OTher Services

We do more than Just Custom Fine Art photography

While our primary focus is on our custom photography process and offering, we dabble in several other areas of photography for our clients. Some examples are:

We have extensive experience with portraits of all types formal, informal, indoors, outdoors and head shots.

We are licensed under FAA Part 107 for aerial photography using drones. We perform aerial photography for real estate, construction progressing, and informational mapping (non survey quality mapping)

We provide commercial photography for advertising, website images, catalog images, etc.

As a subset of portfolio work, we also work with models in the development of their portfolios and comp cards

What our cleints are saying about our Custom Fine Art Photography

It’s Even Better then I Imagined!

is is the first piece of art I’ve bought for my new home and so excited to get it. It’s a beautiful Photo! Thanks again.
Angela Josey
Aiken, South Carolina

I looked at them yesterday and they look perfect!

This weekend I am putting them up…can’t wait…will send a picture of the final look!!! Thank you.
Chris Zugal
Marietta, Georgia

Loved it!

Quick note of thanks for the print, Eve loved it! As we finish our renovation, we may want a few more.
James Blaikie
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Some Notes About Pricing

Custom Fine Art Photography Pricing

For custom fine art photography projects, we base our pricing on two phases of the work. The first is the design and image capture phase. Because this is always a special case, we will quote a price for this phase early in the process so that there are no surprises as the project proceeds. As a part of the design process we will also establish the second phase finished art prices based on the various parameters that settled upon during the design phase (i.e. sizes, print medium, framing, matting, hanging, etc.). All payments will be due prior to the actual ordering of the finished art pieces from our suppliers.

A LA Carte PRint PRicing

Due to a change is our web hosting, this website does not currently have a store for purchasing prints on an a la carte basis. We are working on adding that functionality and hope to have it up soon. In the meantime, please feel free to drop us an email for quote on prices of any prints that you are interested in buying

OTher Photography Services PRicing

For our other photography services, such as portraits, catalog images, modeling portfolio images website images, aerial photography, etc. we work on hourly basis for capturing images. All final editing of images is priced on a per image basis. We will be glad to quote prices for any of these services upon request.



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