Aerial Photography

This galley below contains sample aerial photography images of the type that we capture using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV Рalso known as drones).  UAV photography lends itself to capturing images that would otherwise not be possible in any other manner.  Using HDR techniques, we are also able to produce images with excellent details with our drones. Often times, just being able to capture images from just a few feet higher off the grounds provides a very different perspective to our images. While most of our UAV work is for commercial efforts, many images are also used as custom fine art photography wall hangings.

Aerial photography using a drone

In addition, use UAV’s to capture images that we “stitch” together to create very detailed orthomoasic photographs. Orthomoasic photographs are similar to Google Earth images but more detailed as we capture at much lower altitudes than satellites. Note that these orthomoasic photographs that we create are informational only and are not licensed survey quality documents. We can take that one step further and create a 3D model image of a building or a piece of land.

UAV images are also very helpful for construction progress reporting. Aerial views of a construction site taken at regular intervals (i.e. monthly) are often used by contractors as a part of their reports showing progress to their clients.

3b Photography has a fully licensed FAA Part 107 UAV Pilot on staff.

If you like our aerial photography, please take a look at our landscape photography gallery as we also use UAV’s to capture many of our landscape images.

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